How to Get More Customers to Your Restaurant?

Restaurant CRM
Software is the Key.

“Restaurant CRM (customer relationship management) software’s, the best ones, provide more than a centralized database of customers’ contact data to restaurants.
The best restaurant CRM’s provide easy, automated restaurant data collection and utilize email, text message, & social media marketing, to automatically invite customers back, driving sales increases of 23% or more within a year.” Dennis Wilson – Restaurant Consultant

Ever wondered why the best Restaurant CRM’s are the ultimate restaurant software solution for increasing your restaurant sales?

Restaurant CRM’s are Proven
to Increase Restaurant Sales 23%
Dine-in, Takeout and Delivery Sales

($6900/month per 30 seats)

AI Restaurant Marketing's Restaurant CRM
What Does it Do?

Restaurant CRM – Increases Sales 23%

1 piece of restaurant data can increase your annual sales by $26.65 when used with a Restaurant CRM

  1. Automatically Collect Your Restaurant CRM Database 
    1. Online and Dine-In customer data collection
    2. A 30-seat restaurant can easily collect 1500 pieces of data in 3 months leading to almost $40,000 in additional annual sales
  2. Automated Follow-Up of Customers Drives Sales
    1. Restaurant SMS marketing
    2. Restaurant text (TXT) message marketing
    3. Restaurant push notification marketing
    4. Restaurant email marketing
    5. Restaurant email campaign
    6. Restaurant mailing list
  3. Restaurant Promotions Engine
    1. Happy Hour Notifications
    2. Invite them to order take-out again
    3. Invite them to try new menu items
    4. Invite them to order in your slow times
    5. Invite them to order before kitchen closes.
  4. Sales Funnels for Advertising Campaigns
  5. Looking for more help and a “done for you” solution to Facebook/Instagram and email/text message marketing? Check out our AI Restaurant Marketing Sales Max Ultimate Package on the, “Get Pricing” link below

A Restaurant CRM and your Restaurant Data is the key to:

  • Filling your restaurant on a slow day
  • Selling inventory before it gets old
  • Bringing customers to your restaurant earlier or later than your busy times to maximize your staff efficiency and cut costs.
  • Increasing sales
  • Surviving a Pandemic, Lockdown, Recession or downturn in your restaurant business

A restaurant CRM truly is the ultimate restaurant software solution for increasing your restaurant sales.